Resources for Team Managers

The Team Manager is an essential part of the team


Our volunteer managers help the season run smoothly for the coaches, players, and parents. If you would like to help us as a volunteer team manager, please let us know. You can indicate your willingness to volunteer when you register your player in the registration system.

The manager keeps the team organized, by handling the following tasks:

  • Working with the coach to organize a pre-season parent meeting, to plan the season
  • Registering the team for tournaments and events
  • Making each player eligible for play by collecting required forms and getting the official TCSL player pass
  • Scheduling the team for photos
  • Distributing uniform orders and payments, if needed
  • Communicating frequently about upcoming practices and games
  • Reporting scores after games
  • Recruiting other parents to run the end-of-season party & gifts, website updates, photo sharing, etc.

As you can see, this is a big job! If your team already has a manager, please thank that person throughout the season, and consider asking that manager if there is some way that you can assist.