Resources for Coaches

Do you love working with kids?  Do you love the game of soccer?


RSA is always looking for coaches at the recreational and competitive level.  Please contact us for more information!

SafeSport Training

All coaches are required to complete SafeSport training available through GotSports upon completion of your background check.


Mandatory Concussion Awareness Training

A new Minnesota law that took effect September 1, 2011 mandates that all sports league coaches, referees, and commissioners must be trained to recognize concussions.

You will need up to 45 minutes to complete this. DO NOT START unless you have read to the bottom of these instructions AND you have 45 minutes.  If you are interrupted, you will need to restart the tutorial from the beginning.

Don't use a mobile device for the tutorial. It won't work on the iPad (the videos need FlashPlayer), and it is very slow on other device types. Please use a wired desktop/laptop for the tutorial.

1. Set your browser to allow pop-ups from

2. Go to the Centers for Disease Control website, using the link at bottom. Using that link will open up the tutorial in a new window, which will allow you to come back to this page WITHOUT losing your place in the tutorial.

3. Watch all 5 chapters of the tutorial. After each chapter, a short interactive test is given. After all videos a final test is given. If you watch the videos, you will pass the test!

4. After completing the final test, a certificate is offered. The certificate is printable but not downloadable to a folder. Do NOT try to save the PDF- your personal information won't be saved in the PDF. Instead, in the blank provided, put both your full name AND your phone number.  Then do the following:

  1. Print a copy of the certificate for your records. Someday you might need this in case you are helping with a school activity, a tournament, or another sports association.
  2. Let RSA know that you have completed the CDC tutorial by sending a copy of the certificate (screenshot or pdf) using the form below.

    Background Check

    The Boys or Girls Director will contact you when it is time to submit for a background check.

    After you have been selected to help with a team, we will notify you to submit for a background check. TCSL requires a current background check for every adult on the team roster (coach, assistant coach, or manager).  To help us control costs, make sure that you need to submit for a background check.


    Coaching Guide

    This booklet has a tremendous amount of helpful information in it for Recreational and Competitive coaches. It was created and donated to RSA in 2011 by Nick Thompson, City of Richfield Recreation Supervisor for Youth and Adult Sports. Thank you Nick!