RSA COVID Information

As we get back to youth sports in Minnesota, RSA has created a COVID-19 Preparedness Plan. The biggest change from last year's approach to play is that players and coaches must wear masks for the entire practice. Please note that if you are not comfortable having your player return, you are NOT required to have them participate. This applies to outdoor practices and games for the duration of the 2021 Spring season or until further notice.

The virus spreads much more easily indoors than outdoors, so we need to follow these guidelines if we want to prevent the spread of COVID and not get shut down again. You can find RSA’s full COVID plan at this link: COVID-19 Preparedness Plan (Feb 2021). It is important that all players and parents read and understand it. Please ask if you have any questions. New board member and Treasurer Sean Foley is also acting as RSA's COVID liaison. Please email him with any questions  at

Here are some key points to highlight:

  1. Do not come to practice or games if you are even a little bit sick. Do not come if anyone in your family has or might have COVID.
  2. If your player has ANY symptoms, exposures, or positive tests, we need this information reported to us as quickly as possible to keep all players and staff safe - starting today. You can email to report anything.
  3. You must wear a mask at all times during practice. This is a change from earlier in the winter. If you have to carpool with others, wear a mask in the car.
  4. Stay at least 6 feet apart whenever possible. Do not enter the building until it is time for practice to start. Leave the building as soon as practice is over. Do not gather in the entryway.
  5. Bring your own water bottle - drinking fountains will not be on. Do not share water bottles or masks.

Thanks for doing all you can to help! We want to be able to play the rest of the winter!